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Beware of buying whitening creams online: Dermatologist

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Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Indira Kahawita today warned the public about the widely sold skin-whitening creams and other products online.

Addressing the media, she said hundreds of skin-whitening products are available on various websites, and people are getting deceived that their skin would turn fairer overnight after using those creams and products.

Dr. Kahawita warned the public to inquire about the product by asking questions such as the active ingredients used in them and whether the product has been registered in the country.

“Instead of the above, people are very keen to know the prices and the number of days it should be used to get fairer skin. People have been tantalised with the myth of getting fair and it has become a menace now,” she said.

“We do not recommend any product that turns the skin fairer overnight. If anyone wants to make any changes to his/her skin, it should be done gradually and methodically,” Dr. Kahawita reiterated.

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