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15th Population & Housing Census commences

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The 15th Population and Housing Census conducted every ten years commenced at the Presidential Secretariat this morning (Nov. 01) at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo.

Accordingly, the Presidential Secretariat was listed as the first building to be recorded in this decennial census.

A remarkable feature of this year’s census is the incorporation of tablet computers, alongside traditional printed documents, for data collection.

This marks the first instance of such technology being employed in a census that has spanned over 150 years.

The listing phase, which is currently in progress, will be followed by the enumeration phase in 2024, according to the Department of Census and Statistics.

The Population and Housing Census entails a comprehensive tally of all individuals and existing residences within a country over a specific timeframe.

The process ensures that no person or dwelling is omitted or counted twice, the department emphasized.

Population and Housing Census is the main source of official data for obtaining population and housing information down to the Grama Niladhari Division level.

For this year’s census, around 16,000 enumerators were recruited, all of whom are government sector employees. Training of officers involved in the listing stage has already been started at the Divisional Secretariat office.

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