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China stands up for Sri Lanka on all occasions – Chinese Ambassador

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China has come forward for Sri Lanka whenever Sri Lanka needs assistance. Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, QI Zhenhong, said that the long-standing friendly relationship between China and Sri Lanka is further confirmed by the reorganization of the High Court structure.

The Minister of Justice presided over the renovation of the High Court complex under a donation of 240 million Yuan from the Chinese government.

He said this in his address as the Chief Guest. As he continued there,

Built and inaugurated in 1988 as a donation by the Chinese government, the High Court complex has been renovated twice. After 30 years, China and Sri Lanka have teamed up again to give a new lease of life to the High Court Building.

Also the renovation of the interior and exterior of the High Court building block will be carried out in such a way that its original design is not affected. The High Court Building is a testimony to the long-standing partnership between China and Sri Lanka and the multi-generational efforts taken to strengthen the friendship between the two countries.

Similarly, China has come forward for Sri Lanka in all cases where Sri Lanka needs assistance. Accordingly, we will now take steps to refurbish the High Court building in a beautiful and robust manner. He said that we will take steps to further strengthen China’s goodwill with Sri Lanka.

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