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Sri Lanka launch program to gauge resistance of buildings against earth tremors

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A program to gauge the resistance of buildings and new constructions against earth tremors is being conducted across Sri Lanka, the country’s Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) said on Monday.

Several small tremors have been felt in the country in the past year, said senior geophysicist of the GSMB Mahinda Seneviratne on TV.
Seneviratne said they are paying special attention to buildings in Colombo due to the high density of structures in the city.

He added that a 5.8-magnitude earthquake was reported in the seas off the southeast coast of Sri Lanka on Saturday, and the GSMB has received many inquiries about the safety of buildings, especially following Saturday’s tremor.

The tremor was located around 1,260 km from Colombo and took place in the deep seas, the GSMB official said, adding that residents of Colombo and Galle districts reported feeling the tremor.

Source – Xinhua


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