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Manusha reveals govt’s plans to digitize foreign service sector, combat human trafficking

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These measures are implemented without any bias towards political affiliations, as the government aims to safeguard the well-being of the people of the country, the minister said, assuring that “regardless of party colours, we work diligently for the betterment of the nation, ensuring that political leaders make decisions based on the welfare of the people rather than their own political future.”

Clarifying certain ‘misconceptions’ about the much-debated Broadcasting Authority Bill, the minister said this Act does not aim to suppress the media, as the government has no intention to do so. “The Broadcasting Authority Act has several key objectives, with the primary one being the protection of freedom of speech as enshrined in the Constitution. Freedom of speech is an essential right that cannot be compromised. However, it is crucial for accurate information to be disseminated, and self-censorship and responsible reporting are vital in achieving this goal.”

Nanayakkara pointed out that the rules and regulations of the Broadcasting Authority Act are developed in collaboration with the Association of Broadcasters, without any government interference. “Journalists and media organizations are not restricted, and licenses are issued in a fair and unbiased manner. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have an independent committee to investigate and address any misinformation or damage caused by certain media outlets in the past, ensuring that such incidents are not repeated.”

He said the implementation of the Broadcasting Authority Act is indeed crucial to prevent the dissemination of baseless news and unfounded rumours in the media, adding that it aims to ensure responsible journalism and protect individuals from having their honour compromised. “By enacting this legislation, we can maintain the integrity of news reporting and prevent the spread of false information.”

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