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Lots of high opportunities for Sri Lankans to migrate to Australia based on skills and investments.

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Lots of high opportunities for Sri Lankans to migrate to Australia based on skills and investments.

Mr. Susantha Katugampala, Chairman of Australia Gateway Institute and Lawyer.

Lawyer Mr. Susuntha Katugampala stated that Sri Lankans have many opportunities to migrate to Australia based on skills and investments and for that they should use the precise consulting services with expert knowledge.

He expressed these views while participating in a news conference held at the Jaic Hilton Hotel in Colombo recently.

Mr. Susantha Katugampala, further stated that,

“The main objective of our institute is to develop the relationship between Sri Lanka and Australia and provide necessary advice and guidance for the correct and legal migration of Sri Lankans to Australia.

For that purpose, the Australia Gateway Institute and the Fairfield Lawyers have jointly started a program to provide the right guidance to Sri Lankans. Fairfield Lawyers is based in Melbourne, Australia. Also, there is a branch in Abdul Caffoor Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka. We offer our services to Sri Lankans as well as to the migrants living in Australia.

Skilled migration can be pointed out as one of the best opportunities to migrate to Australia. For that, professional qualifications, education and English knowledge are important and those people can get permanent residence as well as citizenship in Australia. For those who settle as such, the first advice we give is to not to forget Sri Lanka and help Sri Lanka in every way possible. Do not intend to come to Australia out of frustration with Sri Lanka, but come with love for Sri Lanka and work for your own development and future prospects.

Sri Lankan companies have a great opportunity to invest in Australia. The Australian government has provided necessary facilities for investment in property development, agricultural sector, service sector and resources sector.

Foreign companies get 100% protection from investing in Australia. The law does not prevent foreign companies from investing in the country. It can be pointed out as a more optimistic and productive opportunity. We invite Sri Lankan companies to invest in Australia. It will be a good opportunity for our country.

Our institute provides the services and guidance required to migrate to Australia and invest, as well as represent you in that country.

If you want to achieve your Australian dream, it is important to get the right advice and services. Many opportunities have arisen to migrate to Australia through business migration, skilled migration, global talent migration and family migration.” Mr. Katugampala added.

Providing free initial consultations to identify the best and most appropriate method for the client, supporting potential clients with a personalized and tailored approach to achieve the best possible outcome, assisting the client with the necessary documents to process the application, coordinating with the Australian authorities on behalf of the client to process the application up to the granting of the visa, providing guidance and advice to prospective employers and employees on the employer-sponsored migration route, advising clients on settlement options in Australia, guidance in developing a new business, advising clients to settle in Australia are provided through Fairfield Lawyers.

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