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Efforts under way to revive direct flights from Coimbatore to Sri Lanka – Deputy envoy

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Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Southern India D. Venkateshwaran, on Wednesday, said talks are on to revive direct flight connection from Coimbatore to Sri Lanka, as part of a slew of incentives the island nation is providing to Indian businesses to encourage bilateral trade and investments.

Speaking at the Coimbatore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (ICCI) 14th council meeting, Mr. Venkateshwaran highlighted the reasons why Indian entrepreneurs should invest in Sri Lanka despite its growing foreign debt which currently stands at $86 Billion. “Culture, logistical advantages, air connectivity, linguistic connection, geo-location and cosmopolitan set-up are some of the incentives Sri Lanka provides India,” he said.

While the country’s political and financial instability continues to remain unfavourable for entrepreneurs to set up shop in Sri Lanka, Mr. Venkateshwaran highlighted the advancement the nation has achieved in skill development among the nation’s youth population and the development of tourism and real estate sectors.

“We are focusing on providing skilled personnel that can help businesses that come to Sri Lanka. At the same time, our economy is slowly picking up as tourism is helping us repay debt,” he told The Hindu.

Source: The Hindu

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