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No expectation of returning to power, says Mahinda Rajapaksa

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Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says that he has no expectation of returning to power and that the party should now move forward together with a new leadership.

The former president, who visited Sri Sambuddhaloka Maha Viharaya in Colombo Fort (Oct. 04), made these remarks in response to the questions raised by the journalists.

Asked whether he had any expectation for returning to power, he said: “Nothing like that. I governed the country enough. A new leadership should be formed and move forward.”

The journalists also inquired regarding his opinion on President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s stance on not carrying out an international investigation into the Easter Sunday terror attacks. Rajapaksa expressed that he agrees with the incumbent President, stating that it is the same thing what the people expect.

Meanwhile, he also refutes the claims that the government is trying to censor the media.

“There’s nothing like that. No one will raise the hand [if such attempts are made]”.

Commenting further, the ex-president expressed that they urge the government to support the people at this time when they are confronted with several hardships.

“We have been on the side of the people since the past”, he said.

Meanwhile, in reply to a question raised by a journalist about whether he cannot provide some advice for the government regarding the current situation, Rajapakse stated that “if the government asks me for advice, I can of course give it. But I cannot force it on them, right?”.

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