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Australians travelling to Sri Lanka advised to exercise ‘high degree of caution’

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Despite their recent review of the travel advisory issued for Sri Lanka, the Australian Government has alerted its nationals to ‘exercise a high degree of caution’ when travelling to the island.

Accordingly, Australian nationals have been urged to exercise a ‘high degree of caution’ in Sri Lanka due to the threat of public demonstrations, shortages of some imported medicines and security risks.
“We’ve reviewed our advice for Sri Lanka. We haven’t changed the level of our advice, exercise a high degree of caution. Public demonstrations can occur throughout Sri Lanka and may become violent. Avoid areas impacted by demonstrations. There are shortages of some imported foods and medicines in Sri Lanka”, the updated advisory read.

Meanwhile, advising Australian nationals on health concerns in Sri Lanka, the Australian Government warned that dengue fever remains an increased risk owing to the monsoonal weather, and urged that precautionary measures such as mosquito repellent be used.

“If you have a fever, seek medical help”, the advisory read in this regard.

The Government had warned its nationals on several factors with regards to travelling to Sri Lanka, including safety, health, travel and local laws.

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