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International University at Kothmalai in association with USA

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The government has decided to set up an international university in Kothmalai area to pursue climate change related courses. Chief Adviser to the President on Climate Change Ruwan Wijewardana said that a draft plan has been prepared for this.

400 acres of land has been identified in Kothmalai area for setting up this international university. Also, the team headed by Ruwan Wijewardana, Chief Adviser to the President on Climate Change who visited there, has taken steps to speed up the work of setting up the university.

Additionally, the US Embassy has offered to provide the necessary support to start an international university that will pursue climate change education. Also, the US Embassy has assured the Chief Advisor to the President, Ruwan Wijewardana, that they will take steps to get the cooperation of American universities.

However, in addition to the 400 acres already identified, another 200 acres of land has also been decided to be absorbed into the university. Ruwan Wijewardana, Chief Adviser to the President, said that it has been decided to include all the resources, including residential facilities, of this university, which is to be established at an international standard.

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