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Health Ministry raises concerns as percentage of diabetes patients shoots up

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The Ministry of Health has reported an increase in the number of diabetes patients in Sri Lanka, as per the results obtained through a recent survey.

Speaking on the matter, Consultant Community Physician Dr. Arundika Senaratne revealed that 14.6% of the country’s population suffers from diabetes, according to the survey.

Further explaining the survey in question, Dr. Senaratne noted that survey is conducted every five years, on a sample representing persons aged between 18 and 69 in the country, with the approval of the World Health Organisation.

Accordingly, the Consultant Community Physician raised concerns in the evident increase of the number of diabetes patients in Sri Lanka, explaining that the said figure stood at a mere percentage of only 7.4% in 2015.

Commenting further in this regard, Dr. Senaratne also noted that proportionate to the increase in the number of diabetes patients, an evident increase was also seen in stress levels and unhealthy eating patterns among the country’s population.

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